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The Mysterious Stranger
The Isle of Dark
The Midnight Pride
Sisters of Dark
The Three Sisters of Dark
On a dark stormy night.. on the Isle of Dark.. a mother gave birth to a dark haired child.. a girl.. The mother alone in the world but for her two daughters.. birthed her last daughter.. VelvetFyre.. her oldest sister Panthress-of-Dark assisting their mother in the birth.. at the age of 21.. knew it was time.. their mother had passed on with the last push.. giving her youngest daughter life.. at the cost of her own.. after instructing her younger sister DarkestDesyre on how to care for their newborn sister.. Panthress buried their mother.. with great sadness.. and thoughts of life not being the same.. exhausted for the night.. falls into bed.. Darkest.. after seeing to the newborn Velvet.. at a young age of 11.. also retires for the night..

In the darkest hour of the night.. Panthress lay dreaming of shadows and a stranger.. having in her dream allowed a stranger to enter her room.. needing the pleasure of an adult after the loss of her mother.. unknowingly that her dream was actually reality.. the sranger embraced Panthress-of-Dark and changed her life forever..

Upon waking in the evening having slept all day.. Panthress feeling very light headed.. her eyes sensitive to the light of the setting sun.. felt a great hunger that no food or drink would appease.. Panthress sitting at the table.. in great agony.. realises that her dream wasn't a dream.. upon this realisation she fled their small home on the isle of Dark and hunted the grounds.. knowing only one thing would appease her cravings.. having heard the tales of Vampyres.. from her shape shifting mothers own lips.. Panthress hunted that night.. in the form of a panther.. knowing she could not kill a human.. she appeased her hunger on the deer and animals of the forest.. only to return to their home before dawn..

Her sister Darkest having been worried and caring for their newborn sister all day.. approached Panthress her young mind curious as to why her sister would leave for the night.. asked Panthress the questions that were on her mind.. Panthress knowing not what to do sat her young sister down and related the story to her.. Darkest with her sharp young mind.. asked how it is possible for their family to go on living the Wiccan way of life.. Panthress assured her there was a way.. telling Darkest that there would be no taking from humans unless asked or given permission to do so..

As the years flew by.. Panthress provided for her family.. never aging.. upon Darkest turning 21.. with her sisters consent.. Panthress embraced Darkest.. teaching her the rules and ways of being a ShapeShifting, Wiccan-Vampyre.. the two of them continued to care for their youngest sister VelvetFyre.. until she reached the age of 21.. the eldest two given permission by Velvet.. they both embraced her..

The sisters of Dark were truly that.. all three of them.. learning from one another.. having the ability to change shape and hunt freely.. to love nature and their Gods.. though only through the night.. The Isle of Dark soon became constricting to the sisters.. each deciding to go thier seperate ways.. none of them having heard from or ever seeing the stranger who turned their lives upside down.. ever again..

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