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The Mysterious Stranger

The pic on this page may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18

I have been around longer than the three Sisters of Dark.. They would not be as they are.. if not for myself.. I am their maker though they think of me as a mysterious male vamp.. let me tell you my story.. so that you may know the truth..

I was alone but for my mother and her mate.. the only time he was around was to mate with my mother.. so i will not call him father.. well anyways.. i had ventured out into the woods alone at the edge of our estate.. i had just reached the age of 21.. i had ventured farther than i had planned into those woods and the sun was sinking fast.. as i turned to make my way back to our estate i ran into one of the handsomest men i had ever seen.. and i mean i actually ran into him.. the darkness of the woods and the sun sinking low.. i had much trouble seeing..though i could make out his features as plain as day.. as my face was that close to his..

My running into him had stunned me a bit.. giving him a great advantage over me.. he leaned in close to my neck.. and i felt his fangs sinking in deeply.. my will had i had any at the moment fled..along with my urge to fight.. i could feel myself sinking life draining from me as he embraced me.. the next coherent though i had was of feeding from him.. drinking his blood.. in order to keep what i thought of as my life..

He taught me the ways of my new life.. and i knew then that i could never return to my mother.. so i watched her from afar.. her grief at losing me.. and her joys.. her love for her growing family.. and her death at the birth of my last sister.. VelvetFyre.. i had a family.. and i knew at my mothers death.. that i would start the pattern of keeping my family with me.. i went to Panthress-of-Dark.. my sister.. the one they all thought of as the oldest.. i used the magick of glamouries to make myself appear to her.. i comforted her as a friend would another.. and then i embraced her.. my sister.. i had been alone for so long that i felt no regret at the deception.. they had no knowledge of me.. eventually.. i hope to show myself to them.. my three Sisters of Dark.. what a surprise it will be for them to learn that they did have an older sister.. that their mother had never told them of me.. interesting is it not.. the twists and turns that "Life" throws at us..

So now that you know of me.. you may call me Dana-of-Dark..

Below is a pic of myself.. you will normally find me dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt..

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