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For those of you who know me, I am a part of the Web, though it has been awhile since ive participated in any group activities. They offer great workshops and classes, Wicca 1, Wicca 2, Wicca 3, and Wicca 4, Shammanic journey work/drumming, etc. Upon finishing the levels of the Wicca classes, there is an initiation after each one. So for those of you who live in New York and are seeking an extremely friendly group of loving people that will eventually feel like a home and family, i highly recommend contacting them. You can find the following info at Covens, Groups, and Orgs... Considering i am part of the Web, i felt i should put up some info on us. We also have a Yahoo Group at Web Path Center

Located at: Clyde, New York
Tradition or Path: eclectic
Status: Established
Key Contact: Dorothy Abrams, Webweaver (Email)
Telephone: (315) 594-9586

Community Support: Legal Clergy (Handfastings & Rights of Passage) - In Person Teaching available - Public Circles

Group Overview: The Web is a teaching and healing cricle located in Central New York, near Syracuse with members from many parts of New York, Ohio, Pennsylvannia and elsewhere. The Web has two physical locations: The WebPath Center is located in Clyde, NY and Witchwood is located in Freeville, NY, near Ithaca. The newsletter, WebNotes is available for a yearly donation of $5.00 and has a circulation of 100+ subscribers.

The Web actively seeks diversity in its membership and in its practices. While the membership is predominantly European-American, members are from different social classes, different sexual orientations, different races, different locations and different careers. To serve its community, the Web draws from amny spiritual paths including Wicca, shamanic, African, Celtic, Native American, Asian and others.

Contacts are welcome: Webweaver and Merlin at (315)594-9586 and SnowFire at

Mailing Address: 4030 Galen Road, Clyde, NY 14433

Brightest Blessings to all!

Book of Shadows © 2001, Dana (Huntress of the Dark)