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-Rosemary can be substituted for any other herb
-Rose for any flower
-Frankincense or Copal for any gum or resin
-Tobacco for any Poisonus herb
-Bay leaves for any mixture that calls fot tobacco
Acacia: Gum Arabic
Aconite: Tobacco
Arabic, Gum: Frankincense, Gum Mastic, Gum Tragacanth (for binding wet ingredients, not incense)
Ammoniac, Gum: Asafoetida
Asafoetida: Tobacco, Valarian
Balm of Gilead: Rose buds, Gum Mastic
Belladonna: Tobacco
Benzoin: Gum Arabic, Gum Mastic
Cachana: Angelica root
Camphor Oil: Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil
Carnation: Rose Petals annointed with a few drops of Clove Oil
Cassia: Cinnamon
Castor Bean: A few drops of castor oil
Cedar: Sandalwood
Cinquefoil: Clover, Trefoil
Ciron: Equal parts of Orange and Lemon Peel
Clove: Mace, Nutmeg
Clover: Cinquefoil
Copal: Frankincense, Cedar
Cowbane: Tobacco
Cypress: Juniper, Pine Needles
Deers Tongue: Tonka Bean (not for internal use), Woodruff, Vanilla
Dttany of Crete: Gum Mastic
Dragon's Blood; equal parts of Frankincense and Red Sandalwood
Eucalyptus Oil: Camphor Oil, Lavender Oil
Euphorbium Tobacco
Frankincense: Copal, Pine Resin
Galongal: Ginger Root
Grains of Paradise: Black Pepper
Gum Ammoniac: Asafoetida
Gum Bdellium: Copal, Pine Resin, Dragons Blood
Hellebore: Tobacco, Nettle
Hemlock: Tobacco
Hemp: Nutmeg, Damiana, Star anise, bay
Henbane: Tobacco
Hyssop: Lavender
Ivy: Cinquefoil
Jasmine: Rose
Juniper: Dine
Lavender: Rose
Lemongrass: Lemon Peel
Lemon Verbena: Lemongrass, Lemon Peel
Mace: Nutmeg
Mandrake; Tobacco
Mastic, Gum: Gum Arabic, Frankincense
Mint (any type): Sage
Mistletoe: Mint, Sage
Mugwort: Wormwood
Neroli Oil: Orange Oil
Nightshade: Tobacco
Nutmeg: Mace, Cinnamon
Oakmoss: Patchouly
Orange: Tangerine Peel
Orange flowers: Orange Peel
Patchouly: Oakmoss
Peppermint: Spearmint
Pepperwort: Rue, Grains of Paradise, black pepper
Pine: Juniper
Pine Resin: Frankincense, Copal
Red Sandalwood: Sandalwood mixed with a pinch of Dragons Blood
Rose: Yarrow
Rose Geranium: Rose
Rue: Rosemary mixed with a pinch of Black Pepper
Saffron: Orange Peel
Sandalwood: Cedar
Sarsaparilla: Sassfras
Sassfras: Sarsaparilla
Spearmint: Peppermint
Sulfur: Tobacco, Club Moss, Asafoetida
Thyme: Rosemary
Tobacco: Bay Leaves
Tonka bean: Deers tongue, Woodruff, Vanilla Bean
Trefoil: Cinquefoil
Valerion: Asafoetida
Vanilla: Woodruff, Deers Tongue, Tonka Bean
Vetivert: Calamus
Wolfsvane: Tobacco
Wood Aloe: Sandalwood sprinkled with Ambergis Oil
Woodruff: Deers Tongue, Vanilla
Wormwood: Mugwort
Yarrow: Rose
Yew: Tobacco

by Celeste Moondancer

Book of Shadows © 2001, Dana (Huntress of the Dark)