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To Break a Bad Habit:

With water colors or chalk, draw or write the bad habit on a piece of paper. Immediately take it out into the rain. Let the rain dissolve and disperse the water colors or chalk. So shall your habit dissolve, cleansed by the sanctifying rain.

A Rain Divination:

When rain is falling lightly outside do the following: On a flat surface such as a pie pan or cookie sheet, sprinkle an even layer of powdered spice, such as cinnamon. When the surface is completely covered to an even depth take it outsideand stand in the rain. Ask your question and then run back inside. The raindrops will have disturbed the spice to etch patterns or symbols into it. Sit quietly and gaze at the spice until you have percieved the answer.

To Stop Rain:

Make a cross with two sticks (an equal-armed cross), sprinkle salt on top of this, and the rain should cease. Do this outside.

For Rain:

Burn together outof doors in a wild, lone place heather, fern, and broom. As the smoke rises up visualize it forming into clouds, and these clouds turning black, and finally belching forth their store of rain to the ground.

A Rain Brew:

Fill a bucket, pot or cauldron with water. Add a few dried, crumbled fern leaves and take it, with a brand-new broom, outside where you wish the rain to fall. With the sweeping end of the broom, stir the cauldron in a clockwise direction, gently increasing the speed until you are thrashing the water wildly and the broom's handle seems almost to spin of its own violition. As you are doing this, visualize a rain storm in its wild splendor - the rain landing with thuds on the dry, cracked ground, sending up clouds of dust; the wind whipping the trees and your own clothing; the smell of thunder - the awesome power of nature pouring forth all Her wrath into a tremendous outburst. When you can vividly imagine the rain slamming down on you and the wind thrashing, lift the broom's wetted end up to the sky and shake it with all your might. Dip it back into the cauldron and repeat the process, still visualizing the storm playinf out all its forces around you. Throw the broom down. Lift the container and hurl its contents upward. Be Prepared!

Written by Scott Cunningham

To Bring Rain:

To ask for rain, take a handful of water and yoss it into the sky and chant three times:
"Rain, rain, come our way.
Fill our skies
Refresh the land.
>I give you water from my hand."
When the water is tossed into the sky, it releases the energy to begin working.

Another rain chant is "Tiamat, Osiris, Mari, Neptune, Poseidon, Isis, bring the rain soon!". This chant lends itself very well to some kind of dance or movement as it grows naturally in energy until you release it. Traditional herbs which may be burnt during any of these spells to increase their effectiveness include fern, heather, and rice.

Written by Patricia Telesco

Book of Shadows © 2002, Dana (Huntress of the Dark)