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Charging the Fog:

Take the expanse of fog before you. Charge it with a specific emotional value: hatred, joy, love, frustration, fear, peace, terror - experimentally to see if you can do it. See these emotions leaving your body as glowing rays of energy. See it stabbing the fog, lighting it up, until it is positively glowing. Now shrug off the feeling. Step into the that fog and feel the effects it has on you. Those emotions should be flooding through you. if you are successful, take the exercise one step further. Charge the fog bank in front of you with waves of radiating heat. Walk into it and you should feel warmer. When this technique has been mastered it can be used for practical purposes the next time you find yourself out walking in the fog.

Protective Fog:

When you find yourself out walking through the fog, visualise it swirling around your body counter-clockwise, forming a tight cocoon of brilliantly shining white light.

A Fog Visualization

When you feel your mind being invaded, or when you sense that someone is trying to read your thoughts, visualize a thick, impenetrable fog swirling counter-clockwise within your head. See its dark constantly moving mass. This will effectively stop any psychic eavesdropping as long as the visualization is maintained.

A Fog Magickal Exercise

To develope your powers of concentration, and also as an excellent demonstration of power, stand in the fog in a place where you can see it (during the day, ot near a light). Stare directly ahead of you into the fog while relaxing. Your goal is to burn holes clear through the fog. Don't attempt to force the fog to evaporate; simply stare steadily into the fog.

Written by Scott Cunningham

Book of Shadows © 2002, Dana (Huntress of the Dark)