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The practice of drawing down the Full Moon's energy and essence into oneself and using that power is called "Drawing Down the Moon." When accomplished, you will feel a heightened trance state combined with a power surge that radiates through your body. One should Draw Down the Moon during a ritual in the protection of the Magick Circle. However, if you are taking a midnight stroll and feel the need to perform it, you may do so.
There are Witches who use their wands or athame when Drawing Down the Moon. To do this, first open the chakras. Then form the Goddess Position with your arms, with the wand in your right hand. Slowly raise your arms directly above you and clasp both hands on the wand or athame. Point it to the Moon. Say:

"I now draw the power of the Moon Priestess into myself, merging with Her power, the pure essence of the Goddess."

Raise your vibratory rate and allow the power of the Moon to enter the athame. You will feel it. Now, bring the athame down slowly with both hands and point the tip directly at your heart. Envision the surging of blue-silver light entering your body, coursing through and around your entire physical and astral being. When the energy begins to ebb, bring your arms down at your sides. You have just raised your own cone of power. You are now empowered by the Goddess of the Moon. Use this enhanced ability wisely. If your next step is to do a "working", leave the wand/athame in your right hand (to send). If you will not be doing any type of spell casting, leave the wand/athame in your left (receiving) hand and go into a meditative state to absorb the energy. When you have finished either function, ground your power by either stepping out of it, or placing your hands physically upon the ground.

Note: When you are Drawing Down the Moon you cannot be concentrating on anything else

By Silver RavenWolf

Book of Shadows © 2001, Dana (Huntress of the Dark)