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My Poetry


Look into my eyes,
see the fire inside
it's burning me wanting to be free,
hot fire coursing through my veins
heading to my brain,
sreaming, Let me free!
melting my bones, my skin, my flesh
my liquid fire, my desire
will I ever be free?

Written by Dana (Huntress of the Dark) aka. DarkestDesyre


Five years, day by day
I've tried, I've cried,
now I'm tired inside.
We've been lovers and friends
through thick and thin
or at least i thought we've been
and yet I'm lied to time and again,
I've been used and abused,
I'm tired of trying to be your friend,
I think it's time I set myself free,
cages have never been for me.

Written by Dana (Huntress of the Dark) aka. DarkestDesyre

Love and Lust...

I run my hands down your back,
rubbing your muscles as I go,
kissing you sweetly, loving it so.
Down to your neck my lips travel,
my hands move up to the back of your neck,
I run my fingers through your hair,
my lips travel to your chest,
I lick and nibble loving you with my tongue.
Hearing you gasp I go lower still,
kissing your belly at my will.
Finally i find the part of you I so love,
kissing you from base to tip,
using my tongue and my lips,
letting you know I love you so.
I suck on you slow,
loving to hear you moan,
faster and harder I go,
hoping you realize,
I will make you blow.

Written by Dana (Huntress of the Dark) aka.DarkestDesyre