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A circle should be marked on the floor, surrounding those who will participate in the ceremony. Set up your altar at the center of the circle facing North. At the center of the altar place an image of the Goddess and the God (or something that represents the Goddess and the God to you), set up your tools. Candles should be set upon the altar ... a total of five, one for each of the quarters (green, yellow, red, and blue), and one for the altar candle (white). When you are prepared light the candles and incense. Then say:

"The presence of the noble Goddess extends everywhere,
Throughout many strange, magical,
And beautiful worlds,
To all places of wilderness, enchantment, and freedom."

Place the green candle to the north and pauses to look outwards, saying:

"The Lady is awesome,
The Powers of death bow before Her."

Then take the yellow candle from the altar and place it to the east, saying:

"Our Goddess is a Lady of Joy,
The winds are Her servants."

Now take the red candle from the altar and place it to the south, saying:

"Our Goddess is a Goddess of Love.
At Her blessings and desire
The sun brings forth life anew."

Take the blue candle from the altar and place it to the west, saying:

"The seas are the domain of our Serene Lady,
The mysteries of the depths are Hers alone."

Next takes your wand or athame, and starting at the north, draw it along the entire circle clockwise,until you return back to the north point, saying:

"The circle is sealed, and all herein
Are totally and completely apart
From the outside world,
That we may glorify the Lady whom we adore.
Blessed Be!"

Now hold your wand or athame out in salute towards the north for a moment and then say:

"As above, so below ...
As the universe, so the soul.
As without, so within.
Blessed and gracious one,
On this day do I consecrate to you
My body,
My mind,
And my spirit.
Blessed Be!"

Now is the time for discussion, teaching, ritual, etc. Wine and light refreshments should be served afterwards as cakes and ale. When the meeting has ended, all will stand and silently meditate for a moment. When you are finished extinguish each candle, starting at the west and going counter clockwise around the circle, while saying:

"Our rite draws to its end.
O lovely and gracious Goddess,
Be with me as I depart.
The circle is broken!"

Book of Shadows © 2001, Dana (Huntress of the Dark)