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In these extraordinary times, I remind all Witches, Pagans and Magical People of the wonderful power that is yours to harness and use to bring peace to the world. Just as the Witches of England used magic to protect their country in the 16th century and WWII, we can help our country and the world now. I am providing a free download of my booklet, Magic For Peace (15 pgs.), on my website, at this time. There is also a free download of a Witches Chant for Peace available on my site. I have written a non- sectarian version of the Chant, as well -- a Words of Power statement -- so that the use of these materials need not be limited to one community. It is my wish that humanity, as a whole, may work together for peace on this planet. I invite you to visit my website at: for the downloads, and to pass this information along to those in your life that might want to have access to these materials.

Blessed Be,
Marion Weinstein

(borrowed from Lady Selene's Wicca Page)

Book of Shadows © 2001, Dana (Huntress of the Dark)